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Cutting-edge ideas for industrial cleaning since 1930

The I.L.P.A. plant, located a few kilometers from Milan near the main highway, it is the best location for the distribution of our products and services in a fast and timely manner.

ILPA can provide a wide range of highly qualified and specific products for various areas of industrial maintenance and hygiene.

Large storage warehouses for raw materials and manufactured goods ensure that there is always an assortment such that all customers’ requests can be quickly processed.

Personal hygiene and protection ideas since 1980

For the production of its Nonwoven items, ILPA uses technologically advanced facilities allowing us to meet the needs of every consumer. Since every item is produced in-house, ILPA is able to tailor weights and measurements of the manufactured items according to requests.

The packaging facilities, which are particularly versatile, allow the programming of optimal packages for distribution.