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Our polypropylene industrial garments include certified or top quality workwear to ensure you get the protection you deserve, but with style and practicality.



The MAGIC material consists of a polypropylene non woven liner laminated with a highly breathable outer membrane, which prominent performance is certified by the very well recommended Saxon Textile Research Institute of Cheminitz. This kind of material construction provides in addition to a fine comfort also an excellent barrier against particles and a high repellency index against many liquid chemicals and aerosols. Its antistatic treatment and smooth surface extends the use in new areas in different industries.

Please ensure that you have chosen the right garment suitable for the work you must carry out.
For more information contact WODES®. The user should be the sole judge for the correct combination of full body protective coveralls and supplementary equipment (such as gloves, boots, and breathing apparel etc..) determining how long it is possible to use a MAGIC & MAGIC PLUS coverall to carry out a specific task, always respecting the protective characteristics, and its comfort and thermo stress. WODES® is not responsible for the improper use of the MAGIC & MAGIC PLUS coveralls.improprio.

7 Good reasons to use the products WODES

Ergonomic design of the hood
Well fitted zip closure
Double zipper cover (inside - outside) Type 4 with adhesive.
Elastic at wrists, ankles and waist band.

No seams on top of sleeves and shoulders
Special 4-layer non woven polypropylene
for high protection and comfort Perfect design and wear ability also at critical points



Brand name
Garment producer
Identification of model - CLASSIC is the name of the full protection overalls, with hood and openings for the arms, legs and face and with elastic in the waist
Manufacturing date
EC mark - the overall complies with the requirements for personal protection garments in category III according to European legislation. The certificates referring to the types of tests carried out and the quality guarantee were issued in 1994 by SGS Yarsley ICS Ltd., Redhill RH12JN, UK and are identified by the certification code 0120
Future European standards concerning clothing that provides protection against chemical agents define six types of protection and attribute three pictograms to them.


The main characteristics of the TYVEK® type-14 sheet structure are as follows:
It is highly repellent against numerous chemical liquid substances and dust particles thanks to its smooth surface, to its chemical nature and to its anti-static treatment.
It does not cause contamination, does not create dust, does not disintegrate and is completely free of silicone.
It gives protection against electrostatic charges
Extremely light and resistant. Its good permeability to air and water vapour limits thermal shock and does not cause unpleasant sensations.

The TYVEK PRO-TECH® overall, among other items, is made specifically for the following activities:

- painting
- working with hazardous materials
- cleanrooms
- the pharmaceutical industry
- the electronics industry
- asbestos removal
- chemical industries
- agriculture and horticulture
- the food industry.


TRITEX PRO® overalls are made with an extremely  three layer resistant  material (SPUNBOND-MELTBLOWN-SPUNBOND).
It is protective against  dangerous dust particles and liquid chemical sprays. This overall can be used for all types of maintenance work and removal of asbestos.

General properties of the Polypropylene product

High mechanical resistance.
Good resistance to tearing and ripping.
Flex resistant.
Unmistakable silky feel to material.
Stain-proof and easy to maintain.
Can be washed perfectly at a temperature of 950C and sterilised at a temperature of 1200C.
Odourless, hypo-allergic and physiologically harmless.
Can be disinfected.
Can be dry cleaned.
Prevents the development of bacteria.
More anti-static than polyamide and polyester.
Creates a great barrier against dusts.
Protective category: 1 (minor risks).

Clothing made of polypropylene cat. 1 (CEE/686)


Protective Coveralls SICURON® HPE
High Protective Equipment

Risk Category 3  Type 5 - 6

Elastic at wrists, ankles, waist and
hood. Front zipper closure.

Highly resistant to dry and wet particles, and numerous liquid and solid chemical substances, as well as aerosol and powder form chemical substances.

Excellent for the removal of asbestos panels.

Available sizes:
M - L -XL - XXL - XXXL

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