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STROFTEX® Non woven wipers

They reduce the time spent on cleaning.

STROFTEX® cloths made primarily for cleaning purposes are made from cellulose or viscose or a cellulose-viscose-polyester blend and can be used either dry or wet indifferently.

The wide qualitative range and surface development make STROFTEX® the cloths of the future and also make them very adaptable to every field of operation.

The benefits of STROFTEX® non woven wipers.

  • They do get mushy like plain paper, as they are “nonwoven” and when properly chosen, they resist any solvent.
  • They leave no lint behind.
  • They absorb about six times more than a regular rag.
  • They have considerable mechanical resistance.
  • They weigh very little and therefore unitarily cost less than a regular rag.
  • They are absolutely hygienic.
  • Packaged flat in various sizes or on a reel, they offer rational storage.
  • They cost little to dispose of ,because they are lightweight.